WEEKLY WORD // Uncommon Me

February 25, 2013

Uncommon Me

My reflection kinda had me fooled
I was looking at a man that I never knew
It was normal to see, so I thought it was me

I never meant to change
I’m just glad I realized 
Before it was too late, way too late
I need another chance to get back to who I am

So I wanna head back into Your hands
Wanna follow Your plans
Don’t wanna be lost no more
May be a long way home, but I won’t make a move ’till You tell me to. 

Oh, Lord, it’s me again
Please don’t let my current circumstances
Turn me into a common man
See, I just wanna be, be the uncommon me

Oh, this is my prayer today
 I don’t ever wanna change
No mistake the way You made me
Wanna be the uncommon me

Uncommon Me (by Isacc Carree)

To tell you the truth, I’m in a really great place in my life. I have absolutely no complaints. I’m not going through any trials. I’m in a wonderful relationship, I have great friends, I’m financially secure (praise God, because it wasn’t always like that), and I just moved to one of the most exciting cities in the world. I don’t really NEED anything. Spiritually though, that’s a dangerous place for me to be.

I’ve developed my spiritual life through trials. I was always talking to God because I was always going through something, and I was in constant need of His support, His guidance, and His help. In college I prayed through tests and prayed for direction regarding grad school. When I graduated and moved to D.C., I supported myself on an intern’s income and relied completely on God because I couldn’t afford simple things, like gas or my cell phone bill. God worked so many miracles in my life between 2007 and 2011. During those 5 years of my life, I was the most faithful I’ve ever been.

Then in 2012, something changed. Everything was…perfect. I didn’t need to ask God for money or help. I didn’t need as much of His support because I had everything I wanted. I checked in once in a while for guidance here and there, but I made a lot of decisions based on how I felt versus what I thought God wanted.

Now it’s 2013, and I’ve noticed that I’m not as close to God as I used to be. You all can probably tell (my last WEEKLY WORD was in September). Frankly, I’m not okay with that. Everything is wonderful in my life, and now I’m in living in my dream city, but like Isaac Carree writes in his song, “Uncommon Me,” I don’t want my circumstances, as pleasing as they might be, to change me into something I’m not. I don’t want to change. I want to stay the same person I was when my relationship with God was tight. I want to keep talking to God every day. I don’t want to be like everyone else, rushing through life and chasing dreams. I want to live with purpose and become the person God has intended me to be.

In a city like New York, where everything is new and wonderful and fast and accessible and inspiring, it’s easy to forget God and just focus on the moment. But God is the reason why I’m here. I can’t tell you all the crazy things that happened to me over the past 6 months that made this move possible (we’d be here all day), but I can tell you that it’s clear God wants me here for a reason. He’s blessed me with so much, and I can’t keep ignoring Him because things are good. I need to get back to spending time in prayer every day and night. I need to search the scriptures and grow spiritually, not just read the Bible for the sake of doing so. I need to prioritize finding a church up here that helps me become more accountable for my actions and trains me for discipleship. And I need to be a better example of Jesus’ love to people I come into contact with. Pray that I’m able to get back to God soon! I’ve missed Him, and I’m ready to get back to being the “uncommon me.”

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  • I LOVE this! I’m not quite in a place where everything is perfect, but if and when I get there, this will be my prayer! Thanks for sharing this thought-provoking word. I’ll make sure to say a prayer for you 🙂

    God Bless!

  • Amen! Thank you for this … I am in a very similar place, and need to find my way back as well. You will be in my prayers, Krystal! 🙂

  • I’m super excited that Weekly Word is back!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I see you have a few YouTube videos out. Do you plan on doing anymore videos or you going to just stick to blogging for right now?

    Peace & Blessing :^)

  • thank you for this I find myself reading just because I know I need to but not really processing and I would like to find the uncommon me my relationship is not perfect but it is present but I want to in God’s presence in the past, present, and future and to do this I have to praise him when I am up and down.I find myself not relying on him as much as I use to and I believe that I need to meditate on his word and stop listening to myself…
    God Bless everyone simplybeautful.blogspot.com

  • Krystal, Hi I follow your blog all the time, but never really post comments, however thought today as my day. In your post you asked us to pray that you get back to God, I have found that we have to be intent on keeping our prayer times with the Father and with reading our word. God says to us “I will never leave you nor forsake you”. Mostly it is us who walk away from him, but if we recognize it is HE “who does the exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think”, then we would want to stay connected. So, I encourage you to make the first move, “draw neigh to me and I (God) will draw neigh to you” set a time to spend with him and stick to it. I have found myself in this very place, getting to far from him and there is a lonely feeling in our spirit we get there. It is up to us just like you have said in your post to “get back” and purpose in your heart to not allow the blessings to take the place of the “BLESSER”.

  • Ash

    Thank you for sharing this! I think most believers go through periods like this! I found myself in this situation at the end of 2012. I had been praying for so many things and I was finally at a place where I had those things (not just material things, but peace, love, prosperity, etc). I was in a new relationship and everything was going well! I realized that with all that was going right in my life, I wasn’t as close to God anymore. I was still going to church, still praying, but it was different. My prayers weren’t as “dependent” and I noticed this difference within myself. Like you said, it was as if I didn’t need God as much as I did in the past. After I prayed about this, things started hitting me left and right that put me in a position of true dependency!!! It was amazing how things turned around so fast. I’m telling you this because if similar things start happening to you where after you pray for this and then God shows you just how much you need him, remember that drawing near God in any situation is what truly strengthens us. I’m thankful for that time because I went from being lax with my relationship to God when everything was all good to being on my knees fervently fellowshipping and praying, engaging in deep worship on a regular basis. It has truly matured me as a Christian and the most beautiful thing of it all is that other people have been drawn to God through me. At the end of it all, he’ll never put more on you than you can bear. I’ll be praying for you and thanks again for getting back to the Weekly Word!!! I love it!!!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t usually comment either. But I thought I’d add that you should share your journey and how you got to NY and the miracles that he did for you to get there. You never know how that will boost someone else’s faith.

  • This Post is absolutely beautiful Krystal! For you to acknowledge this shows your amazing character. I wish you all the best Love =)

  • Inspiring…no more words.

  • great post. and very real of you.


  • I’m so grateful to all of you for your comments. This wasn’t an easy post to write. Who wants to admit they’re not as close to God as she should be??? Thank you all for making writing this post a little bit easier =)

  • Kahleel Hamilton

    Hi, I recently moved from NY to Abu Dhabi and I understand the struggle to find a church home.
    If you are living in Brooklyn, I invite you to visit my church. It is amazing and powerful. It is called The Temple of Restoration. Take the 2/3 train to Bergen. The church is on Dean Street. I was able to build my faith and get closer to God after I started going there.

  • hellen

    This is old but it has spoken to me and challenged me…I hope you and God are finding each other again.

  • Thank you, Hellen! Yes, we most certainly are. I’m in a much better place spiritually.