I feel like I’ve been wearing a protective style FOREVER. It’s been two weeks since I’ve been wearing my Marley twists, and before that, I had started a hyper-intensive protective styling regimen: twists EVERY WEEK (Monday-Thursday) and a Curlformer set on the weekends (Friday-Sunday). My hair is always twisted up and away, all in the […]



This weekend I took a chance on myself and decided to put myself out there for a limited amount of freelance work (my services are on my Contact // Hire Me page!) One of the projects I think I’ll really enjoy is taking outfit photos for style and fashion bloggers in the New York City […]


STYLE | A Beach and a Lighthouse

I finally made it to the beach. Even with all my back-and-forths to South Florida to plan my wedding, I haven’t made it to the beach. Not one time! So I was more than happy to head out to Fire Island this weekend to celebrate Ty‘s birthday. It looks like Nantucket, or at least what […]


INSTAGRAMMED // My Hectic Summer

This summer has been busy, but I feel like I really haven’t done much. At least not a lot of “fun” stuff. I’ve been spending A LOT of time working, including some weekends. And last week, Q and I were in Florida doing some major wedding planning (which is why you haven’t heard from me!) […]


BEAUTY | My Signature Two Strand Twist Updo

I’ve gotten a few requests for how I do my signature two strand twist updo, so here are a few photos that I hope do a decent job of showing you how I usually wear my hair when it’s in two strand twists. This is a great style for the office or after-hours. And it […]


BLOG TALK // How to Write Your Blog Manifesto

Five years after starting The Feisty House, I have finally finished writing and polishing my blog manifesto. You can read it on my ABOUT page, and you can catch a snippet of it to the right of this post, in the sidebar. Every blog should have a manifesto. A blog manifesto is a clear and succinct […]


“Dream Job” Career Feature // DFinney Photography

I have been missing the “Dream Job” series! It’s one of my favorite series on The Feisty House, and I’m so glad that we have another talented business-lady to be inspired by today: Danielle Finney of DFinney Photography. I didn’t become acquainted with Danielle and her work until after I left DC, but that’s the […]


Cheers to the Weekend // 02

When you live in a city as beautiful as New York, sometimes the best way to spend the weekend is to go for a drive and see it. When’s the last time you actually saw your city? Perhaps it’s time to get reacquainted…why not go for a drive in the city this weekend?  Cheers to […]


STYLE | Summer Office Wardrobe

I had one of those “I have nothing to wear” moments the other day. It probably had something to do with the fact that I’d worn the same top and skirt twice in one work week. Now I mix and match my pieces as well as the next girl, but enough was enough. It was […]


Your New Style Icon // Nicole Warne

Everyone has a favorite fashion blogger. Mine is Nicole Warne. Hands down. I am a Gary Pepper Girl in my mind. She’s all over my Pinterest boards (probably yours too), and I am obsessed with her Instagram (I had to stop following her because I’d just look at her feed rather than get things done!) It doesn’t […]


STYLE | Lazy Sunday

Sometimes, Sundays are lazy, no-fuss, unplanned, go-with-the-flow days. That was yesterday for me. A truly “lazy Sunday.” My grandma cooked ackee and saltfish (with bammy and breadfruit) for brunch. The most work I did all day was re-arrange my closet. I put away all my winter clothes and gave away a bunch of old clothes […]


Cheers to the Weekend // 01

HELLO SUMMER! Summer is my absolute favorite season. I love hot weather and cold drinks and leaving the house with almost nothing on…and it’s okay! I’m about ready to head to the beach. I can’t wait until Q and I go down to Florida next month, but I wish I was there this weekend. This […]


Beauty | Summertime Pastel Nails

Tomorrow’s the big day…it’s the first day of summer! So today I’m celebrating the long-anticipated new season with a pretty pastel manicure. I decided to wear pastel nails this summer after my recent mani with Essie’s Borrowed and Blue. I fell in love with the contrast between my (finally) tan skin and the pretty pastel blue nail polish. […]


Beauty | 9 Products for Staying Cool This Summer

I love the summertime. I love it because I’m an island girl from South Florida, and a preference for hot weather is in my blood. I can’t help it. But I’m not a fan of sweating. I HATE sweat. I’m sure you do too. So here are 9 products (that I use!) for staying cool […]


SHOPPING | Floral iPhone Cases for Summer

I spotted the prettiest floral iPhone cases on Moorea Seal yesterday. They’re made with real, dried flowers! How beautiful is that? A case like this would be a gorgeous summer update for your phone, no? And each one is handmade and unique. Such a good mashup of the old-fashioned with ultra-modern. GET THE LOOK | Sweet […]


Feisty Business // Getting Stuff Done

This weekend, I felt like I’d turned a new leaf. On one hand, I realized that life is too short to not do all the things we dream of. On the other, I also came to terms with the fact that I still only have 24 hours in a day, and most of that time […]

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