LIFE | 3 Tips for Getting Better Sleep

When the good people at Casper (a new sleep company based in New York City that makes outrageously comfortable mattresses) asked me to share my tips for a good night’s sleep, I was beside myself with joy for two reasons: (1) I had just made a huge decision a day before to become a part-time […]


DREAM JOB Interview // Merced Saint Boyce of BLAC Minerals Cosmetics

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing one of my favorite things: speaking with tons of lady entrepreneurs. And it’s been wonderful. I’m so happy that we have brand new DREAM JOB Interviews on The Feisty House again! I can’t wait for you to meet all these fascinating women and hear their amazing stories […]


Switching It Up // How I Developed My Business Idea

I’ve been keeping a secret. You see, I’m trying something new, you guys. Something I’ve never done before. Something I have absolutely no experience doing. Something I pray becomes a successful business. It all started 2 1/2 years ago, when I moved to New York. I was spending a decent mount of time with Quentin […]


BEAUTY | Trying Flat Twists

Happy Monday, and I hope you had a great weekend! Since I cut my hair, I’ve been using perm rods to style it. On Friday night I was feeling super lazy and just couldn’t bring myself to wash and set my hair though, so I tried flat twists in my short hair for the first […]


WEEKLY WORD // Let’s Be Tulips

Tulips have become one of my favorite flowers. Their arrival means that Spring is finally here! I always look forward to seeing the first tulips of the season start to bloom around the city. Tulips are also my Quentin’s pick when he gives me “just because” flowers, and for that reason alone they hold a […]


LIFE | 5 Books That Will Change Your Life

For the past year or so, I have been reading a lot more. I’ve always loved to read (I was an English major in college), but I stopped doing as much leisurely reading once I started working (I did a lot of reading for work). I started reading for myself again about a year or […]

Women's Devotional // Praying For Yourself | The Feisty House

WEEKLY WORD // Praying for Yourself

I pray several times a day. You know, the quick “Lord, tell me what to say in this meeting” or “Please don’t make me miss this train” prayers. When I sit down to really pray, I start with thanking God for my blessings, and then I go into my prayer list. I pray for everyone.  […]


STYLE | Getting Back to Basics

I love clothes, and when I go shopping, I have a tendency to buy things that are bright and bold and may or may not work with anything else in my closet. I just buy what I like, but not always what I need, and I NEVER buy basics (seriously, I don’t even own a […]


BEAUTY | Taking Care of 30-Year-Old Skin

I just bombarded you with photos of my bare, 30-year-old face (sans everything, including a decent eyebrow) because it’s confession time, and who makes a confession in a face full of makeup? Turning 30 was pretty awesome. But for the the past few weeks, being 30 has been a little scary. Let me explain… I’ve […]



For the longest time, I’ve wanted to create an intimate and engaging networking experience that brings like-minded, entrepreneurial women together to inspire and encourage each other to pursue their own businesses. Not only would the women attending the event be able to learn from each other, but also gain up close and personal access to […]

3 Benefits of Cutting Natural Hair | The Feisty House

BEAUTY | 3 Benefits of Cutting My Natural Hair

For most of 2014, I had a pretty terrible relationship with my hair. I wasn’t retaining length and my hair just didn’t seem healthy. But all that changed when I finally decided to cut most of my hair off back in March. Not only has my haircut boosted my self-confidence (I’ve wanted short hair for […]


WEEKLY WORD // Practice Fearlessness

For God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love and clarity of mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 I “fasted” from fear for Lent this year. Basically that meant that I paid careful attention to what my fears were and what was causing them, and I tried to live my life […]

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