BEAUTY | My Natural Hair Goals for 2015

My hair hasn’t been a priority for quite some time. And that’s because no matter what I seem to do, my hair still breaks and still doesn’t retain any noticeable length. I set some natural hair goals in 2014. The best things that came out of that were (1) incorporating the Cherry Lola treatment into […]


INSTAGRAMMED // Our Time in Thailand

  We’re back from our honeymoon! It feels like we were gone for such a long, long time. And I enjoyed every minute of it! We were away for two and a half weeks, which is the longest vacation I’ve ever taken, and we visited three separate cities in Thailand, as well as Cambodia and […]



We Made It! I’m so excited. Ahead of us lies a brand new year. Our year. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things we’ll do in 2015. I wish you nothing but peace and happiness and optimism on this first day of the year. Today Quentin and I are leaving for our honeymoon […]


LIFE | 15 Resolutions for 2015

Welp, we’re almost there. 2015 is literally around the corner. I’ve been thinking about New Year’s for a while, and I’ve already written 15 resolutions for 2015 (they’re below, in the order they came to mind). This is a personal list based on where I felt I had some shortcomings in 2014. If you have […]


STYLE | Denim on Denim and a Fresh Perspective

2015 is my year. I know it. Something about me has changed in the past year. I’ve failed more than once in 2014, and for the first time I’ve not only failed, but I’ve also wholeheartedly accepted my failures. This year I learned you can’t move on from failure until you own up to it […]


NATURAL HAIR | Living Proof Curl Product Review

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a media preview of Living Proof’s latest product innovation. I’ve been using Living Proof’s heat protector, and I like it, so I was really interested in trying their new Curl collection, which is made specifically for women with curly hair. The products in Living Proof’s Curl collection […]


EAT + DRINK | My EatWith Review

EatWith is a totally NEW type of dine-out experience that pairs adventurous eaters with gracious and talented chefs around the world. Chefs host the dinners in their own homes and cook out of their own kitchens! It’s like Airbnb for eating, but with an added bonus: you get to meet other people who are also […]


FALL + WINTER | Comfy Winter Style

Today is the first day of winter, but the date is pretty irrelevant to me because it’s felt like winter for WEEKS. Once it hits the 40s and I have to start wearing tights, it’s wintertime. GET THE LOOK | node infinity scarf: Nick-Knacks // hooded infinity scarf: Nick-Knacks // chunky beanie: Urban Outfitters I’ve […]


EAT + DRINK | Deadly Delicious Macarons

The thing I love most about Instagram is the ability to become introduced to and acquainted with all types of new and interesting things, one of those being Deadly Delicious, a bakery run by two sisters who know a thing or two about making the perfect macaron (which isn’t easy to do, no matter what […]


HOUSE + HOME | Our Holiday Housewarming

Quentin and I opened our home to family and friends this past weekend for our housewarming and holiday party! We had such a good time entertaining in OUR place. I made a few treats (mini cheeseburger sliders, buffalo chicken dip, and these super cute Santa Hat cheesecake squares) and friends brought wine, cookies, candy…did I […]


SHOPPING | LoveBrownSugar 5th Anniversary + Pop-Up Shop

This weekend I was pleased to attend the LoveBrownSugar 5th Anniversary Event and Holiday Pop-Up Shop. I featured Christina on The Feisty House a while ago, and I’ve watched her blog grow over the last five years. It was great to finally meet her (and little Cadence!) in person. I had a great time meeting […]


BEAUTY | Nude Lipstick for Dark Lips

I love a good nude lip, and I’ve been trying to perfect the look for YEARS. Like many other black/brown women, my lips are pretty dark, and wearing a nude lipstick or lipgloss on darker lips can be tricky because the color of our lips can show through. So after years of practice and mistakes […]


BEAUTY | Perm Rods on Straight Natural Hair

Even though I’ve been wearing my hair straight for the past few weeks, I can’t wear bone-straight hair all the time. I get bored! So I’ve been using perm rods to get a bit of curl. I usually use the perm rods after my hair has been straight for about a week and I’ve gotten […]



I hope you had a blessed and prosperous and joyful Thanksgiving holiday this past week. I spent Thanksgiving weekend with Quentin and his cousins. We had Thanksgiving dinner at his cousin’s lovely new home in New Rochelle, and it was nice to be out of the city. I love getting dressed up for holidays! For […]


BEAUTY | Still In a Blue Mood

I pulled a few pages from the September 2014 issue of Marie Claire magazine featuring up-and-coming model Jeneil Williams from Kingston, Jamaica. I’ve been so obsessed with blue these days, and her stunning blue mascara really caught my eye. Ahhh blue mascara! I have a really fun purple one by YSL, but I’ve never tried blue. […]

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