BEAUTY | Still In a Blue Mood

I pulled a few pages from the September 2014 issue of Marie Claire magazine featuring up-and-coming model Jeneil Williams from Kingston, Jamaica. I’ve been so obsessed with blue these days, and her stunning blue mascara really caught my eye. Ahhh blue mascara! I have a really fun purple one by YSL, but I’ve never tried blue. […]


STYLE | Fall Outfit Inspiration

When I can’t figure out what to wear and I need some fall outfit inspiration, I love hopping on my Fall/Winter board on Pinterest. I also like looking through my own blog posts! Sometimes I forget what’s in my closet, so browsing through old photos helps me remember, “Oh yeah, I do own that sweater!” I’m […]


BEAUTY | PEACOCK x American Apparel

American Apparel Nail Polish has quite easily become my favorite nail polish. The formula is opaque yet still easy to apply (not many polishes can do that). Plus the colors are perfect. They’re exactly what I want to be wearing on my nails. I wore American Apparel pastels all summer long, and now I’m drawn to […]


STYLE | Layered Up

You ever just NEED to get out of the house? I feel like we’ve been running errands and fixing up the apartment every. single. weekend. So finally this weekend I told Q we’d be getting out and doing something that had nothing to do with chores. So went out to Columbus Circle and discovered a […]



For the past few years, as soon as it starts getting cold, I buy sweaters out of necessity, and as soon as it starts warming up again, I find some way to get rid of them. Until this year, I’ve never really liked the sweaters I’ve bought. That’s beacuse, I’ve purchased them strictly to fill […]



I never wear blue. I don’t know what it is, but I never buy any of the blue things. I buy purple and burgundy, and I wear a lot of bright patterns (I’m like, on the cusp of doing the most in the bright patterns department). But I don’t wear blue. So I have been forcing […]


STYLE | The Go-To Dress

I bought this Zara dress one day when I had nothing to wear. Literally. All of my clothes had been packed for the move, and I found out I had a huge meeting the next day. So I ran into Zara and bought the dress with every intention of bringing it back…and then I tried […]


BEAUTY | My Favorite Perfumes Right Now

I’ve decided a woman is never really dressed until she puts on perfume. It’s the icing on the cake, that extra “oomph” to take you from walking through the door to making an entrance. I can never have enough perfume. I’ve tried to choose a signature scent (several times), but I like having more than one […]


BEAUTY | Keeping it Straight

After spending most of this Summer in protective two-strand twists, I was eager to straighten my hair for my wedding. After getting back to NYC, I realized I wasn’t quite ready to go back to wearing twists every single week, so I’m planning on keeping my natural hair straight for now. Heat styling makes most of […]



It feels great to be blogging again! And it also feels good to spend money on things that aren’t wedding-related! I was just getting into the Fall shopping spirit when I purchased these beautiful booties. I wore them for the first time to work on Monday and I seriously love them. Just look at that woven leather! […]



Well, we did it! Q and I tied the knot on October 11th in a really amazing, pleasant, perfect ceremony. Everything went so much better than we anticipated. I still find myself feeling so unworthy of the beauty of that day! We had PERFECT weather, we were surrounded by so many loving family members and […]


MUSINGS // On Fashion Collabs

  The new Altazurra for Target collaboration dropped yesterday. You’ll notice I never even mentioned it on the blog. Sure, there was a time when I woke up early on Sunday morning and headed to to shop the latest designer collaboration. I’ve shopped quite a few of them, and I’ve shared my finds on the blog. I’ve […]



Amazingly enough, I’ve only worn this maxi dress on the blog once, but it’s one of my favorite pieces, and I try to wear it every chance I get. It is perfectly simple, super lightweight and has beautiful movement. It isn’t my most form-fitting dress, but the high side splits and low, open back definitely make […]


Goodbye, Summer

Me wearing my favorite summer hairstyle…Marley twists! Summer isn’t “officially” over yet, but it may as well be for me. I’m already feeling the newness of Fall. Something about the cooler days and crisp nights make me feel so primed for fresh opportunities. It’s like another chance to start over and make the most of the […]



On the day Quentin and I set out to have our engagement photos taken, everything that could have gone wrong did just that. It was such a terrible day. We had traffic getting to Brooklyn and I lost my dress (it has since been found, packed away with my winter clothes!), so I had to […]



m4s0n501 One of the best things about being engaged has been all the opportunities to celebrate with family and friends. My BFFs hosted my bridal shower over Memorial Day Weekend, and I had such a nice time laughing and catching up and celebrating with friends from high school and college, women from church who’ve known […]

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