WEEKLY WORD // Neglecting Our Purpose

It’s always a blessing when God speaks directly to us, whether it be through our circumstances, or a friend, through a pastor, or in that audible-but-not-audible voice He uses when He needs to get our attention, and no messenger but Himself will do. Yesterday was Palm Sunday, and I didn’t have any expectations when Q […]


BLOG HAPPY // What I Learned When I Stopped Blogging

I’ve written a few new posts for The Feisty House, but before that, I wasn’t doing much blogging at all. There are actually 12 days between Monday’s post (a style post on what I wore for a brainstorming session at a local coffee shop) and the post before that (my DREAM JOB Interview with Camille […]


BEAUTY | My Curly Haircut at Bumble and bumble.

If you read yesterday’s post (or were on Instagram on Sunday), then you already know that this past weekend I took the plunge and finally cut my hair. I received a complimentary cut and style from the amazing people at Bumble and bumble. (thank you so much Sukiana, Connie and Andrew!) in their beautiful, bright […]



I’ve missed you all. It’s been over a week since I posted, and I’m trying to make sure that doesn’t happen again! Can we just pause to talk about my life for the past two weeks? Hectic. I’ve taken on some additional projects at work (meaning I’ve been assigned some additional projects at work), so […]

Super Hydrating Green Smoothie Recipe | The Feisty House

EAT + DRINK | My Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

m4s0n501 I have a confession to make. I have not been eating well (or exercising) for most of 2015. Yikes! Even though I’ve put exercise on my daily schedule and my alarm goes off every morning reminding me to get up and workout, I still haven’t been able to incorporate fitness into my daily routine. […]


DREAM JOB Interview // Janell Stephens of Camille Rose Naturals

Today’s DREAM JOB Interview features the creative lady behind many of my favorite hair products (and, I imagine, yours too!) It’s been such a pleasure interviewing such dynamic entrepreneurs this year, and my experience speaking with Janell Stephens, founder and CEO of Camille Rose Naturals, was no different. I loved Janell’s southern charm and easy-going […]



I turn 30 in about two weeks. I’m so ready to get there! I’ve been excited about turning 30 for months! So much so that over the past few weeks, I’ve been tweaking and developing some goals for my thirties, and I’m excited about sharing them with you today! I wrote a 30 before 30 […]


DREAM JOB Interview // Ashley Blaine Featherson

Saw the film Dear White People? Ever heard of GLEE? Then you’re probably already familiar with the creative entrepreneur featured in our second DREAM JOB Interview of 2015. Ashley Blaine Featherson is a young and already accomplished actress from Washington, D.C., a product of Howard University, and a very faithful lady. Today she talks about […]


BEAUTY | Choix Beauty Box Review

Have you heard of Choix? It’s a monthly beauty subscription box that I had the opportunity to test drive. I know what you’re thinking…not another subscription service. But hear me out! This one is actually unique. At Choix (French for “choice”) you get to choose the samples you want (I told you it was unique). […]


STYLE | Five-to-Niners NYFW Brunch

I hope that most of you were able to relax and recharge over the long weekend. I wanted to get more done, but it felt so good to do absolutely nothing for a change! I did get out of the house long enough to attend the “Five-to-Niners” NYFW (New York Fashion Week) Brunch hosted by […]


Cheers to the Weekend // 03

One of my 15 resolutions for 2015 is to do more exploring, not only with regards to travel, but also exploring NYC neighborhoods. NYC is an amazing city. There’s so much to see and do. I haven’t even been everywhere in Harlem yet, let alone the rest of Manhattan, and oh yes, there’s also the […]


BEAUTY | Valentine’s Day Updo for Natural Hair

I spied this beautiful updo for natural hair on Once Wed, and I just had to share. Valentine’s Day is next weekend, and this style is so romantic and lovely, and it’s perfect whether you’re going on a date or having a fun girls’ night. This style would probably look great on any hair type, […]


BLOG HAPPY // How to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas

One of your New Year’s resolutions is to be a better blogger. You want to blog more often, blog more consistently, and out put more thoughtful content. So in January, you were amazing. You posted five times a week, and your readers couldn’t get enough of your interesting and engaging content. But now it’s February…and […]

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